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New book on 'The EU's Foreign Policy'

As the first edited volume in a new book series on “Globalization, Europe and Multilateralism” published by Ashgate; the suggested volume on “The EU’s Foreign Policy. What kind of Power and Diplomatic Action?” is the product of a collective research effort accomplished with the GREEN integrated project (7th European Framework program).

Among the volume’s authors one counts among others: Pr. A. Gamble (Cambrigde), Pr. J. Howorth (Yale Univ.); Pr. C. Lequesne (Sciences Po. Paris); Pr.H. Mayer (Oxford): Pr. Z. Chen (Fudan Shanghai); Pr.S. Bava (JNU,Dehli) or Pr. H. Nakamura (Waseda,Tokyo).

The book was formally launched at the AGORA Forum recently held in Brussels on February the 27th-28th. Said event saw the participation of some 37 universities, 27 NGO’s and the representatives from all main EU institutions, the Commission, the EEAS and the Parliament.

Read more here http://www.ibe.usp.br/images/PDF/EUForeignPolicyMarch